Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy Medication Safety Self-Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

How many team meetings should we schedule?
Our suggestion is to schedule three team meetings of about 1 hour each. Some testing sites have completed the assessment in less time than this, whereas others have run longer than 1 hour at a scheduled meeting. None met more than three times.
Do we need management staff on our team?
It is important to include a manager because the assessment contains questions about the overall commitment by your pharmacy (and corporation) to patient safety. In addition, participation in the self-assessment provides pharmacy management with insight into areas of risk in the pharmacy.
May I make copies of this Medication Safety Self-Assessment for Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy?
You may make as many copies of this document as are required for your staff to complete the Self-Assessment. You are not authorized to make copies beyond this number. You may not modify or alter the content in any way. Furthermore, you may not modify, transmit, post, or use the contents of this document for personal, public, or commercial purposes unless you have obtained written permission from ISMP Canada.